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I can’t help but give Sai one massive applause for being such a badass this chapter, he satisfied beyond expectation and initiated some exciting developments. One of which was his attempts to help Baby 5 from her distorted perception of life originating from her traumatic past. The current focus the Corrida Colosseum fighters are getting definitely does serve the purpose of fleshing out their capabilities and the benefit they will bring to the Straw Hat Pirates once the alliance is formed, so I don’t mind in the slightest having the current content of the chapters focus on them and their battles against the Donquixote Pirates. Regarding the Chinjao fight against Lao G, I had expected Chinjao to make short work of Lao G, considering that Chinjao was able to fight against Luffy and force Luffy to use his Gears, but I am not surprised that Oda omitted to focus much on him based on the treatment he gave Chinjao in his fight against Luffy when he allowed Chinjao to be tainted by the hands of humor thanks to the flashback we got of him. After the flashback of Chinjao, I got the hint Oda gave and I resigned any serious and epic notions I had of Chinjao. So seeing Chinjao be taken out by Lao G when he completely ignored Lao G wasn’t much of a shock or surprise, I somewhat expected it. I am just glad that he had Chinjao completely ignore Lao G and not even try to fight him because it still keeps alive the possibility that if Chinjao were serious, Lao G would have been the one with his face in the dirt. The benefit of Chinjao being out of focus this chapter though does help to highlight Sai’s moment and make it more impactful, especially with Sai gaining the title of Don of the Happou Navy. Baby 5’s past was surprisingly touching, a few of my heart-strings were tugged and I couldn’t help but feel sad for Baby 5 in the way her mother abandoned her in the past. It makes perfect sense why such an event traumatised her to the point of her becoming obsessed and wholly concerned about being of need to other people when it was her inability to be of help that led to her mother abandoning her. It was great to see the Donquixote Pirates perception of her laid bare in how they viewed her as a convenient woman, one they could manipulate into following their orders. This allowed Baby 5 to realise her worth to the crew she served loyally for 16+ years. Sai going out of his way to save her from such a fate was a satisfyingly uplifting move. Hopefully now with someone who does care about her, rather than have her fragility abused, she can heal and recover from the trauma of her past. Also, the treatment of Baby 5 by the Donquixote Pirates makes one wonder how many other Donquixote Pirate members are having their traumatic past and fragility abused by Doflamingo and his core members.

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Bleach 613 Manga | Bleach 613 Spoiler

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To be fair, on this point you can kind of explain why people have been coming and going form the RR like this. First Ichigo opened the way for Yhwach with the Ouken clothes the RG themselves gave him. Then Yhwach probably kept the barriers open long enough for Mayuri’s just-in-case Shiba cannon copy to get used. Now they’re using the heavenly armour which is kept by the Shihouin clan, which might be a one use only thing, and the barriers being kept open by the Ryoka’s trip up might be the only reason that works. Also, Nimaiya being able to send Ichigo out of the RR temporarily isn’t that far fetched, given that he is one of the guardians of the realm itself. We could wonder why Aizen didn’t just steal the heavenly armour and all that, but again it might require the barriers having been opened already. Plus, he might have wanted the Oken to give him free passage to and from the RR at will, since presumably he wasn’t going to invade until the Hogyoku worked on him and he didn’t know how long that might take. Also, killing 100,000 innocents in Karakura is simpler than invading SS like he’d have to have done to use any of these methods of entry. Better to fight half the G13 Captains on neutral ground than the entire G13 on their own home turf. This is part of the reason FGT wasn’t a good idea from a writing perspective imo. It was kind of cheap, all it took to get it was 3 months of meditation and boom, Ichigo’s a god. I get him not wanting to use it again since it took his powers and there’s no guarantee he can recover them twice, but the fact that he just asspulled that kind of power out the first time raises the question of why he doesn’t just do it again if need be. Although, since his powers have undergone a major restructuring since then, maybe he can’t do FGT any more? That doesn’t make sense really, but it’s a possibility I guess. But doesn’t juhabach already have the same power as the soul king? To me it kinda seems like there is no power the soul king has that juhabach can or needs to steal.I will stand by what I have said earlier about the soul king as god of the world. He has been described as a lynchpin. I think this description is more literal than what one would think. The soul king to fulfill its function does not need immense power or anything of the sort (perhaps there is a specific power that is required though). The soul king fulfills his role as god of the world the same way a lynchpin does, by being there. Maybe from there there is something else although not in a traditionally godly way (allpowerful, omniscient and whatnot).

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Naruto 699 Prediction – The New Naruto Shippuden

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The only thing that happened was that they bounced a bunch of jutsu off each other, they both lost a forearm, and Naruto said, “I feel your pain”. Naruto has said that to him before, and Sauske just blew it off again and again. Naruto saying such things never mattered to him before. Why does it matter enough now to cause him to abandon something he “claimed” he believed in so strongly that he was willing to murder for it and make himself an eternal exile at war with all humanity? That’s why it is unsatisfying. There was no real redemption for Sauske. He has not been forced to confront his evils, his crimes, his foolishness, and all the other aspects of himself that were flawed and that he needed to abandon. “I lost. I acknowledge you.” That’s it? That’s all it takes to cause him to do a complete 180 degree turn? That’s some pretty lame stuff. I don’t mean to undercut the important admission Sauske made here. It is indeed a step down from his normal arrogance to admit this. But I’m just not seeing anything in this fight that would cause him to actually do that. His ideals haven’t been challenged. His philosophy hasn’t been disproven. His desired revolution has not been debunked. He’s just lost a fight and admitted that Naruto does understand him. That’s not a very satisfying conclusion, IMO. Sauske still has much further to go than that before he can be said to have really achieved something. To be honest what more could you expect, I find this fight conclusion to be the most logical route Naruto could of taken to stop Sasuke. Gotta think of it like this, Naruto was willing to go so far to put a stop to Sasuke’s plans that he used pretty much his last attack not to kill Sasuke but to blow off his arm, but he did it in such a way that he to lost his arm. I’m certain if Naruto want to he could of easily taken Sasuke’s arm without losing his own but there is a bit of symbolism to be had with what he did. Naruto pretty much said he was willing to throw away his own abilities as a ninja to save Sasuke and in turn he would also take away Sasuke’s ability as a ninja by taking his arm. Hand gestures are very important, you can blow off a ninjas legs back as long as they have their hands they can still fight. What Naruto did was rather simple rather than take both arms he in a way made a blood oath with Sasuke by each of them losing an arm as a sign of Naruto’s determination to stop Sasuke that he would sacrifice himself to save him.

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Naruto 698 Chapter – The Power of Byakugan

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What are you guys even talking about regarding Amaterasu? Isn’t it obvious Sasuke tried to use his teleportation Rinnegan Left Eye power when he said he couldn’t control his left eye properly? I’m curious to see if Mangastream makes it more obvious. Look at the build up of the panels. We don’t even see Sasuke cast Amaterasu, but cut to Naruto already being aflame. Sasuke says he can’t use it as a technique, but only a decoy. He’s admitting Amaterasu won’t be effective before he states his chakra problems/not being able to control his eye power. My guess: He wanted to use Amaterasu as a decoy to teleport to Naruto by switching with “something” (Amaterasu). Throwing something like a rock, or a shuriken wouldn’t have been a good enough decoy hence why he chose to use something dangerous and distracting in Amaterasu. After he has cast Amaterasu and intends to execute his plan of using his left eye power, he notices that his chakra levels are too low and the plan is a failure. Seriously, for 20 chapters Sasuke has always refered to his left eye power when talking/thinking about his teleportation RINNEGAN technique. Never Amaterasu. Yes Amaterasu is also used with his left eye, but Sasuke used Amaterasu and admitted it being just effecient as a decoy before he mentioned his chakra problems. The only logical reason it would be a decoy is if he would use his teleportation on it. This is further backed up by Sasuke stating he has troubles using his left eye power, his only “name” for his Rinnegan technique since it has yet to be actually NAMED. Everytime he thinks/talks about that power, he refers to it as his “left eye power”. The utilization of taijutsu is quite commendable for the combat (nice change of pace by Kishi in preference of all nukes), but the fight just begun and they are out of mighty chakra based moves. I’d like to see some more of that, again only considering the hype, magnitude and anticipation related to this specific fight. Maybe, it will come in the way. But for this chapter, with a mindset of termination within 3 days, it still feels like nothing particular happened or could happen in the remaining chapters. But I can’t be resolute on that either. Just want to see how Kishi regulates the ending well.

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Naruto 698 Prediction – The End of Naruto

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Sasuke with the chakra of all the bijuu on top of his own chakra, on top of Hagoromo’s YIn chakra, being stronger than Naruto, makes no sense? It made sense with Kaguya. Why not Sasuke? It’s not like it was that much more (though it did require all the natural energy on the surface of the plane for Naruto to stand up to Sasuke’s newly amassed strength. We’ve already established that Sasuke can manipulate natural energy from an outside source in Juugo. If Juugo’s chakra radiating from his body can allow Sasuke to give his Susanoo Curse Seal, I don’t see Sasuke being incapable of manipulating natural energy radiating from Naruto. It doesn’t seem long, but that’s why I’m padding in time skips during the taijutsu battle to make it make more sense. They couldn’t possibly have run out of chakra in 5 minutes anyway unless we’re going to assume they finally felt fatigue from the war which I don’t accept. Both Naruto and Sasuke have had their chakras restored over and over again via Bijuu, Hagoromo, Sakura, and Kabuto’s aid throughout this war. Being physically tired is acceptable, but being chakra deprived isn’t. The seal released natural energy into his body. Natural energy isn’t the same as sage chakra. Remember that senjutsu is sage chakra, the combined natural energy and chakra balanced by the user. If it was sage chakra, Juugo’d be a sage. Also, Sasuke no longer had a curse seal so the manipulation of the natural energy wasn’t automatic anymore. Orochimaru even says Juugo over time absorbs natural energy um… naturally. And it results in the curse seal. When there’s too much, it forces him to go crazy. But it’s not controlled or manipulated or formed in any way. It’s simply pure natural energy. Juugo did nothing but sit around and wait for Sasuke to adapt to his chakra, obviously something Sasuke attempted before since he came to the fight knowing he could do it.

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Naruto 689 Prediction – Kaguya Vs Kakashi

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[Giant Perfect Sussano floats above looking at chakra arm impaled in ground.]
Kakashi(angry face): as Sensei I will protect them at all cost !
[Close up on Kakashi and Sakura’s faces enveloped by Sussano’s thick chakra ]
Sakura(smilling): I will join to help them
[Black Zetsu’s face inside ripped Kaguya’s sleeve laughs]
Black Zetsu: The Perfect Sussano is really surprise and unexpected occurrence . However you are just another fly in front of my Mother, haha
Black Zetsu(watches kakashi’s angry face): Don’t make such face, you are no more worm but fly.
Naruto(with anger): Shut up Black Zetsu ?!(feel changes occuring to kaguya)
[Many chakra arms are shown heading towards Kakashi with Sakura inside Perfect Sussano]
Kakashi(serious): Let’s do it, Sa ?! (grab his stomach) *Every cell in my body hurts, why….*
[Insinde white void Young Obito faces young Kakashi who snap out from pain upon saying Obito]
Obito(annoyed): Are you already goona give up, Kakashi ? You are not alone, don’t forget about it !
Kakashi: ?! Argh…. Damn you are right. Keep watching me Obito, Rin !
[Kakashi snap out from pain in cell in real word as chakra arms are approaching him.]
Kakashi(snaps out): no way Kamui !
[Space disorts in front of Perfect Sussano as Chakra arms pass through it]
Kakashi: (spot hole opening in Sussano’s thick chakra)Shit ! *Kamui can not pass such mass of thich chakra ! I have to warp me and Sakura fast !*
[Chakra arms bounce back upon hitting goudama as Naruto and Sasuke are shown in front of Kakashi]
Sasuke(tired): Lucky I teleported us at time. puff, huh…
Naruto(focused): Didn’t I say I won’t let you harm my friends .
Sakura(cheering): Nice one again Naruto *This Time I will help you*
Kakashi(smiles): Looks like I clinged too much to past. Now we are fighting as equal.
[Big sphere of white chakra with tailed beasts face emerging at top of it as some hands emerge]
Kaguya: *?!, I won’t loose no matter what !*
[Naruto and Sasuke are shown glaring at white chakra sphere floating in front of them ]
Naruto(senses): *There is something wrong with Sasuke’s chakra…This signature ?!*
Naruto(serious): Sasuke let’s me touch you with my seal
Sasuke(angry): There is no need ?! (feel Naruto’s mark touch his torso) ?!
Kakashi(puzzled): What are you trying to do, Naruto ?!
Sakura(worried): Are you ok, Naruto ?
[Close up panel on Naruto’s angry face ]
Naruto: I was right. *She closed chakra points, and remains of bz restrain him as she did to Madara*
Sasuke(angry): I don’t get what you mean Naruto ?! (feel Naruto forcing his chakra in Sasuke’s body)
Black Zetsu(annoyed): *shit, he found out ?!, damn !*
[Black stuff emerge blasted from Sasuke’s body then Naruto’s chakra burst through Sasuke’s body ]
Naruto: It worked, (cheer) (removes marked hand from Sasuke’s torso)
[Close up on Sasuke’s shocked look on his face]
Sasuke: ?! *My body, I can feel so much power flowing through my body !* but How ?
Naruto: ?! Umm, I believe it was when Kaguya tried to freeze us with Black Zetsu. Besides she used Gentle Fist on you few times, but it was delayed effect set by kaguya, so you got weaker and weaker.
Sasuke: (clench his fist) Now I see, They will pay for that ! (eyes BZ)
[Sasuke recalls getting hit by senbon, then blasted when He tried to cut her with PS for first time.]
Kakashi(smirks): *They have grown up so much… hehe* Ok, guys listen to ?!
[In mere second Naruto burst out in forward direction as blinding flash, Sasuke is no more. ]
Sakura: wow…
Kakashi (sighs): Looks like they are at another level, but we still can help and we will !
Black Zetsu: *Where did he go ?!* (spots Sasuke in front of himself with face lowered.)
[Close up on Sasuke’s left hand with mark as it burst with black sparks of lightining]
Black Zetsu(confident): think Sasuke, If you kill me then my mother will go mad and kill everyone[/U][/B]
Black Zetsu(checky): So what do you choose: leaving me or risking your own life killing me.
[Hand’s glow with black sparks is shown piercing through Black Zetsu impaled by Naruto’s goudama]
Sasuke(rising his face): Killing you just like that would would be mercy.
Black Zetsu(pained and scared): Don’t kill me I know secret of mother. *Mother help me, fast !*
Sasuke(shocked): Burn in hell Amaterasu ! (eyes black Zetsu after taking out hand)
Black Zetsu(in agony): No !! Mother Mother help me !
[Scene shifts back to Naruto piercing chakra arms comming from chakra sphere with goudama long sticks]
Naruto(nervous): Don’t understimate me ! *I have to watch out for her Hyuuga style attacks*
Monster: ROAR !!!
[Powerfull blast thrown Naruto backwards as it spread around]
Naruto: Woah ! (shield himself with hands rised) *Looks like she lost her mind, completly…*
[Scene shifts to Hagoromo talking with The Hokage]
Hagoromo: Get ready, everyone ! (extends both hand in Hokage direction)
[Close up view on each Hokage charging chakra]
[Hashirama and Minato enter each other respective Sage mode]
Hagoromo: ?!(notices marking on Hashirama/Minato’s faces) so you can use nature energy
Hiruzen: Great Sage, What do you know about nature energy ? What did you mean ?
Hagoromo: Don’t loose focus. I will explain meanwhile.
Hagoromo: Both, me and my brother Hamura mastered use of nature energy to degree that we could mold out own chakra with added nature energy to it creating new chakra.
Minato: Wow, Impressive but afterall you are The Sage of six paths. (focused in SM)
Hiruzen(schocked): I didn’t know Minato-kun that you have learnt Senjutsu
Minato: Well I only barerly learned it,but I never actually used it in my life
Hashirama: It seems we were unaware of many things(focused in SM)
Hagoromo: Don’t blame yourself. Lately I myself have found out about creature existence which changed my writtings on stone I wanted Indra to read and follow.
Tobirama: Who do you mean ?!
Hagoromo(frown): Black Zetsu called one. It was him who helped Madara to use him as all Indra’s descendants in the end. (sad) I would act faster if I knew…
Hashirama: Don’t blame yourself, Lord Hagoromo. If you didn’t know so it is ok. Besides Madara wasn’t such bad it was fun while it lasted (cheering)
[Hashirama laughs as Minato smiles admiting Hashirama is right. Hiruzen and Tobirama stay quiet]
Hagoromo(smiles): It seems animals I taught use of nature energy took my words to heart. How is Royal Slug Karyuu, White Snake Sage Ommaru and of course Great Toad Sage Gammaru ?!
Minato: Sorry I have never opportunity to thank Great Toad Sage Gammaru, right ?!
Hashirama: I was long time dead, but last time I saw Karyuu she was in good shape.
Hagoromo: I see. Enough of talk, Now I will absorb all of your chakra, get ready !
Hagoromo: Now, give me all you got. (closes his eyes)
[Hagoromo spirit floating in air extends both hands towards Hokage as they glow bright light]
[Scene shift back to Kaguya’s dimenssion.]
[Two Perfect Sussano appear as they swing their blades at mass of chakra resembling beast.]
[Cross panel with close up on Both Perfect Sussano’s blades slicing through mass of chakra]
[One of blade breaks while another one struggle keep slicing mass of chakra through center]
Kakashi: ?! *The blade ?! I got idea I will send all mass chakra to other dimenssion !*
Sasuke: ?! *Shit this chakra is so thick, my blade is dissolving and breaks. I only cut small part of it.*
[Sussano’ blade breaks. Chakra arms rip Sussano’s cloak apart. Small part of chakra mass separates]
[Kaguya is shown standing in void filled with whole darkness]
Kaguya: *Damn, I can not take control of my chakra* Who did draw me in ?
[Evil and loud laugh is heard spreading around]
Kaguya: Who is there ? show yourself !
[Human figure with long black spiky hair emerges from darkness as Two ripple pattern eyes can be noticed]
??????: Welcome in hell, Lady Kaguya.
Kaguya: You are ?!
[Madara same as before he absorbed Juubi in himself is shown. He has uncovered chest.]
Madara: Now, now. Don’t you know about He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. (smiles)
Kaguya: You should be dead. You exploded when I Took over your body. Now it is my body.
Madara: I found out your secret. You can inject part of yourself to control other, or restrain them
Kaguya: You are unique one for man. No matter what I will regain control.
Madara: You restrained me from within after Black Zetsu injected me. Now tell me
[Kaguya get caught by some stuff enveloping around her. as Madara laughs at her]
Madara: How it feel to get attacked by same attack. (smirks)

Side text: Sasuke finally shines again . Hagoromo vaccum chakra needed for secret technique.
Kaguya and Madara are about to have incredible hard internal fight ?!,

Naruto Manga 689 | Naruto 689 Raw

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naruto 689 spoiler

naruto 689

I am very surprised that kakashi pulled of a perfect susanoo without even having a proper sharingan. Its not something even obito ever got although that could relate to him not having both his eyes. I guess there can be some serious merit to kakashi having a perfect teleporting susanoo. Still, how did he pull it off? I guess it is completely running of obito’s chakra, which could be quite considerable, so perhaps it can make sense he has this.

Still the susanoo is only temporary, how can kakashi become hokage now? Kakashi even without his sharingan is impressive but invariably he won’t be as impressive without one. He might even be above a competent jonin without his sharingan but still, how would he hold the position as he is now? The sharingan wasn’t just a gimick, the manga had made the point that the sharingan is what made his chidori viable. Basically kakashi lost a sharingan and his strongest technique.

Also, obito wanting kakashi to be the hokage at this point makes no sense. I guess naruto could be held back from the position due to his age and the fact that he is still a babbling idiot for the most part, mesiah complex or not. Kakashi does not have an ounce of the power naruto has but unlike naruto he has a fully functional brain.

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One Piece Manga 757 | One Piece 757 Raw

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one piece 757

For Sugar girl, if she disliked or even hated Usopp, it didn’t matter. Usopp’s nose wasn’t cute at all anyway. If like what you mentioned, she got a liking to Luffy, then it may be interesting to see how the table would turn – from Doflamingo to Luffy – in which it would also show the beginning signs of defeat for Mingo. I can’t imagine how he is gonna look like as a toy. Another thing, did Sugar got a “sudden” power-up, in which she was able to turn people to bigger, stronger and immortal toys, like those Luffy and gang were fighting? Or the change of size and ability had to do with the people’s previous physical stature and capability? Or maybe it could be a mixture of the two, or even other elements (which have not shown in the manga yet)?

The panels on Scarlet holding the apples and offered to the children, what did you see or feel? Personally it looks alright and quite natural since the author is trying to portray a “kind and caring big-sister”. This scene was also a prelude of Rebecca’s encounter with Diamanté later on. You have also mentioned about the “Queen”, were you referring to Scarlet but she was King Riku’s daughter and Riku’s wife wasn’t mention in the manga? Or maybe it could also imply a new character, “Queen of Dressrosa” – seems like a good idea and it may be something that Oda may pull out from somewhere like Momonosuke who ate the artificially created devil fruit and could turn into a dragon. Same sentiment as you, the samurai theme feels like a gust of fresh air which will continue to prolong to the Wano Country after Dressrosa. Gonna be waiting patiently for this arc to finish meanwhile Oda is still playing with the pieces.

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Bleach Manga 593 | Bleach 593 Raw

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bleach 593

To be fair to Bambietta… She had, at the time of her death, been sliced by Komamura´s Dangai Joe and exploded from within… she was quite a wreck and even said it herself that her bombs got weaker towards the end of her fight since she was too wasteful with them… She wasn´t in her ace when Giselle stuffed her up for the battlefield again and if her power level was the same as from when she was defeated, then killing her and then making her into a doll might not be the reason to why she was so weak as one of Giselle´s dolls… It wasn´t the “Zombie”´s fault that Bambietta came out as she did, it was just Giselle trying to stop a leaking ship from sinking until it reached the shore.

I have a feeling that if Bambietta been at full power and Giselle murdered her then, we would have got a Original force Zombietta and there wouldn´t have been a speck left of Ikkaku or Yumichika when they rushed at her…
Just a theory but I´m throwing it out here…To be fair, mayuri has always been about experimentation. When he fought ishida we got the bit about him having killed some 2000 quincies and performed horrible experiments on them, including souken. The second time around we saw him go up against grantz which had horrible experiments all over the place along with grants resurrection thing. Grantz fate in itself was the most horrible the manga has presented so far. Thousands upon thousands of years just standing there while a blade takes an eternity to kill him. Now we see mayuri and gigi pissing on the already shady concepts of life and death in the manga. As for war gain, I would argue there is plenty. Setting aside gigi’s necrophilia she has her own army which is something the gotei should fear. And mayuri has a pretty good counter for that. Overall gigi having a full powered hitsugaya on her side is a huge asset and if anything something that could turn the tide of the war. Mayuri definitely has some war gain to fight for here.

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Naruto 689 Manga | Naruto 689 English

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Didn’t Obito get more or less disintegrated? He shouldn’t have had any eyes to plop into Kakashi’s head, unless he placed the “spirit” of his eyes into Kakashi’s sockets.. and if you can apparently use Sharingan abilties from the grave, couldn’t Shusui, in theory, have kept his eyes and stopped the Coup D’etat without giving his eyes to Itachi? And only EMS users have been shown to have Final Susanoo iirc. Kakashi shouldn’t have it since he has regular Mangekyo. And Sasuke suffered considerable pain and loss of chakra from just controlling the skeleton form of Susanoo. Kakashi, who has less chakra than Sasuke and could barely use Chidori 6 times in one battle, shouldn’t be able to maintain it. Or have it for that matter. Obito wasn’t even shown to have Susanoo after Naruto restored both of his eyes.

But what can one expect? When Hogomoro ghosted out of Madara’s crotch to tell Naruto-verse’s holy history before the hokages – one of whom is just an armless basement dweller now – , I knew the story was perverted forever. No matter how many explanations you all fans try and conjure up for this grand hindquarters pull, I’ll just laugh in your face and tell you to stop toking on Wednesdays. Kishimoto did prove one thing that Kakashi is practically useless without Uchiha leftovers, and in this case, Obito’s leftovers. Fitting. -100 / 10 – Just a petty attempt from Kishimoto to make Kakashi relevant, when we all know his relevance ended a long time ago. By and by, this chapter just proves that Kishimoto has no merits as a writer as he has never quite wrapped his pea-sized head around consistency and plot pacing. It is time for him to roll out … for good.

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