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bleach 593 chapter

bleach 593 manga

When the manga first started, it was solely focused on the shinigami world and its interactions with the human world. The Japanese culture was heavily pervaded into the theme of the story. In the beginning, it featured a young human teenager who was able to see “ghosts” (or spirits) and subsequently his life adventured ‘colourfully” after the meeting of a “death god” who then miraculously imparted its power to him from that encounter.

Proceeding forward, we have humans, shinigami (death gods or soul reapers), hollows (or human souls who did not ascend to “heaven” but remained in the human spiritual realm) and soul society (presumably similar to heaven – a place where human souls go to after the death of their physical bodies). Soon after there were many other “beings” and “creatures” like the quincies, zanpakuto, arrancars, fullbringers, etc were introduced.

As the plot went on, we have quite a different theme this time – the zombies – in this arc. The zombie theme had quite a subtle entrance since there were many different and numerous types of characters of various forms which have priorly been introduced that made the “zombie theme” simply blended into the story. (Maybe that was why readers didn’t feel alienated when such creatures appeared in the story huh?

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