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You can get an early naruto 689 spoilers of the manga every Tuesday while the naruto 689 scans English version were out on Wednesday. keep connected here at manga-reiatsu for more naruto 689 spoilers online and free.

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naruto 689 manga

Didn’t Obito get more or less disintegrated? He shouldn’t have had any eyes to plop into Kakashi’s head, unless he placed the “spirit” of his eyes into Kakashi’s sockets.. and if you can apparently use Sharingan abilties from the grave, couldn’t Shusui, in theory, have kept his eyes and stopped the Coup D’etat without giving his eyes to Itachi? And only EMS users have been shown to have Final Susanoo iirc. Kakashi shouldn’t have it since he has regular Mangekyo. And Sasuke suffered considerable pain and loss of chakra from just controlling the skeleton form of Susanoo. Kakashi, who has less chakra than Sasuke and could barely use Chidori 6 times in one battle, shouldn’t be able to maintain it. Or have it for that matter. Obito wasn’t even shown to have Susanoo after Naruto restored both of his eyes.

But what can one expect? When Hogomoro ghosted out of Madara’s crotch to tell Naruto-verse’s holy history before the hokages – one of whom is just an armless basement dweller now – , I knew the story was perverted forever. No matter how many explanations you all fans try and conjure up for this grand hindquarters pull, I’ll just laugh in your face and tell you to stop toking on Wednesdays. Kishimoto did prove one thing that Kakashi is practically useless without Uchiha leftovers, and in this case, Obito’s leftovers. Fitting. -100 / 10 – Just a petty attempt from Kishimoto to make Kakashi relevant, when we all know his relevance ended a long time ago. By and by, this chapter just proves that Kishimoto has no merits as a writer as he has never quite wrapped his pea-sized head around consistency and plot pacing. It is time for him to roll out … for good.

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