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You can get an early one piece 757 spoilers of the manga every Tuesday while the one piece 757 scans English version were out on Wednesday. keep connected here at manga-reiatsu for more one piece 757 spoilers online and free.

one piece 757 chapter

one piece 757 manga

I’m not bothered by the idea of Rebecca beating Diamante on her own as long as it is written well. Oda lets characters beat “stronger” opponents somewhat frequently. Sometimes it’s through sheer force of will, other times it’s from strategy or insight, and other times pure luck. If Rebecca wins through pure skill or by will power, then I won’t be happy – Diamante is too high class of a fighter for that. But if she wins by figuring out his DF weakness or “wins” by circumstance (like Luffy “winning” against Kuzan by letting his crew escape) then I could accept that. Good story telling is not about the outcome but how you get there.

It’s a new one to show Robin with the focus on her appearance but didn’t Oda realize how much Violet and Robin look alike particularly on this color page and the first page or did he do that intentionally? Meanwhile, Violet’s power got even more haxed, it’s overhaxed. I bet if she’d exit a ship on top of Reverse Mountain she could zoom in on someone’s toilet on Raftel. It was very predictable that someone would end up falling but I’m glad Robin’s participating in the fight against Gladius though I’ll hope she’ll play the main role or does a solo.

As I feared the spoiler ended up being this week’s cliffhanger. I guess without the spoiler it would’ve been a bit more interesting but since there is no chapter next week I hoped for some revelation or something to discuss aside from how powerful Rebecca or Kyros is. Regarding Sugar, I wonder if Luffy is going to react the same as in the anime filler when someone, e.g. Usopp during his fight with her, he knows is turned into a toy. Of course, it would be a blast if he himself would become a toy but that would get really complicated and Oda might not be able to cover all issues

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