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bleach 593

To be fair to Bambietta… She had, at the time of her death, been sliced by Komamura´s Dangai Joe and exploded from within… she was quite a wreck and even said it herself that her bombs got weaker towards the end of her fight since she was too wasteful with them… She wasn´t in her ace when Giselle stuffed her up for the battlefield again and if her power level was the same as from when she was defeated, then killing her and then making her into a doll might not be the reason to why she was so weak as one of Giselle´s dolls… It wasn´t the “Zombie”´s fault that Bambietta came out as she did, it was just Giselle trying to stop a leaking ship from sinking until it reached the shore.

I have a feeling that if Bambietta been at full power and Giselle murdered her then, we would have got a Original force Zombietta and there wouldn´t have been a speck left of Ikkaku or Yumichika when they rushed at her…
Just a theory but I´m throwing it out here…To be fair, mayuri has always been about experimentation. When he fought ishida we got the bit about him having killed some 2000 quincies and performed horrible experiments on them, including souken. The second time around we saw him go up against grantz which had horrible experiments all over the place along with grants resurrection thing. Grantz fate in itself was the most horrible the manga has presented so far. Thousands upon thousands of years just standing there while a blade takes an eternity to kill him. Now we see mayuri and gigi pissing on the already shady concepts of life and death in the manga. As for war gain, I would argue there is plenty. Setting aside gigi’s necrophilia she has her own army which is something the gotei should fear. And mayuri has a pretty good counter for that. Overall gigi having a full powered hitsugaya on her side is a huge asset and if anything something that could turn the tide of the war. Mayuri definitely has some war gain to fight for here.

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