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naruto 689 spoiler

naruto 689

I am very surprised that kakashi pulled of a perfect susanoo without even having a proper sharingan. Its not something even obito ever got although that could relate to him not having both his eyes. I guess there can be some serious merit to kakashi having a perfect teleporting susanoo. Still, how did he pull it off? I guess it is completely running of obito’s chakra, which could be quite considerable, so perhaps it can make sense he has this.

Still the susanoo is only temporary, how can kakashi become hokage now? Kakashi even without his sharingan is impressive but invariably he won’t be as impressive without one. He might even be above a competent jonin without his sharingan but still, how would he hold the position as he is now? The sharingan wasn’t just a gimick, the manga had made the point that the sharingan is what made his chidori viable. Basically kakashi lost a sharingan and his strongest technique.

Also, obito wanting kakashi to be the hokage at this point makes no sense. I guess naruto could be held back from the position due to his age and the fact that he is still a babbling idiot for the most part, mesiah complex or not. Kakashi does not have an ounce of the power naruto has but unlike naruto he has a fully functional brain.

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