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one piece 757 spoiler

one piece 757

For Sugar girl, if she disliked or even hated Usopp, it didn’t matter. Usopp’s nose wasn’t cute at all anyway. If like what you mentioned, she got a liking to Luffy, then it may be interesting to see how the table would turn – from Doflamingo to Luffy – in which it would also show the beginning signs of defeat for Mingo. I can’t imagine how he is gonna look like as a toy. Another thing, did Sugar got a “sudden” power-up, in which she was able to turn people to bigger, stronger and immortal toys, like those Luffy and gang were fighting? Or the change of size and ability had to do with the people’s previous physical stature and capability? Or maybe it could be a mixture of the two, or even other elements (which have not shown in the manga yet)?

The panels on Scarlet holding the apples and offered to the children, what did you see or feel? Personally it looks alright and quite natural since the author is trying to portray a “kind and caring big-sister”. This scene was also a prelude of Rebecca’s encounter with Diamanté later on. You have also mentioned about the “Queen”, were you referring to Scarlet but she was King Riku’s daughter and Riku’s wife wasn’t mention in the manga? Or maybe it could also imply a new character, “Queen of Dressrosa” – seems like a good idea and it may be something that Oda may pull out from somewhere like Momonosuke who ate the artificially created devil fruit and could turn into a dragon. Same sentiment as you, the samurai theme feels like a gust of fresh air which will continue to prolong to the Wano Country after Dressrosa. Gonna be waiting patiently for this arc to finish meanwhile Oda is still playing with the pieces.

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