Naruto 698 Prediction – The End of Naruto

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Sasuke with the chakra of all the bijuu on top of his own chakra, on top of Hagoromo’s YIn chakra, being stronger than Naruto, makes no sense? It made sense with Kaguya. Why not Sasuke? It’s not like it was that much more (though it did require all the natural energy on the surface of the plane for Naruto to stand up to Sasuke’s newly amassed strength. We’ve already established that Sasuke can manipulate natural energy from an outside source in Juugo. If Juugo’s chakra radiating from his body can allow Sasuke to give his Susanoo Curse Seal, I don’t see Sasuke being incapable of manipulating natural energy radiating from Naruto. It doesn’t seem long, but that’s why I’m padding in time skips during the taijutsu battle to make it make more sense. They couldn’t possibly have run out of chakra in 5 minutes anyway unless we’re going to assume they finally felt fatigue from the war which I don’t accept. Both Naruto and Sasuke have had their chakras restored over and over again via Bijuu, Hagoromo, Sakura, and Kabuto’s aid throughout this war. Being physically tired is acceptable, but being chakra deprived isn’t. The seal released natural energy into his body. Natural energy isn’t the same as sage chakra. Remember that senjutsu is sage chakra, the combined natural energy and chakra balanced by the user. If it was sage chakra, Juugo’d be a sage. Also, Sasuke no longer had a curse seal so the manipulation of the natural energy wasn’t automatic anymore. Orochimaru even says Juugo over time absorbs natural energy um… naturally. And it results in the curse seal. When there’s too much, it forces him to go crazy. But it’s not controlled or manipulated or formed in any way. It’s simply pure natural energy. Juugo did nothing but sit around and wait for Sasuke to adapt to his chakra, obviously something Sasuke attempted before since he came to the fight knowing he could do it.

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