Naruto 698 Chapter – The Power of Byakugan

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naruto 698 chapter

naruto 698 manga

What are you guys even talking about regarding Amaterasu? Isn’t it obvious Sasuke tried to use his teleportation Rinnegan Left Eye power when he said he couldn’t control his left eye properly? I’m curious to see if Mangastream makes it more obvious. Look at the build up of the panels. We don’t even see Sasuke cast Amaterasu, but cut to Naruto already being aflame. Sasuke says he can’t use it as a technique, but only a decoy. He’s admitting Amaterasu won’t be effective before he states his chakra problems/not being able to control his eye power. My guess: He wanted to use Amaterasu as a decoy to teleport to Naruto by switching with “something” (Amaterasu). Throwing something like a rock, or a shuriken wouldn’t have been a good enough decoy hence why he chose to use something dangerous and distracting in Amaterasu. After he has cast Amaterasu and intends to execute his plan of using his left eye power, he notices that his chakra levels are too low and the plan is a failure. Seriously, for 20 chapters Sasuke has always refered to his left eye power when talking/thinking about his teleportation RINNEGAN technique. Never Amaterasu. Yes Amaterasu is also used with his left eye, but Sasuke used Amaterasu and admitted it being just effecient as a decoy before he mentioned his chakra problems. The only logical reason it would be a decoy is if he would use his teleportation on it. This is further backed up by Sasuke stating he has troubles using his left eye power, his only “name” for his Rinnegan technique since it has yet to be actually NAMED. Everytime he thinks/talks about that power, he refers to it as his “left eye power”. The utilization of taijutsu is quite commendable for the combat (nice change of pace by Kishi in preference of all nukes), but the fight just begun and they are out of mighty chakra based moves. I’d like to see some more of that, again only considering the hype, magnitude and anticipation related to this specific fight. Maybe, it will come in the way. But for this chapter, with a mindset of termination within 3 days, it still feels like nothing particular happened or could happen in the remaining chapters. But I can’t be resolute on that either. Just want to see how Kishi regulates the ending well.

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