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fairy tail 393 Spoiler

fairy tail 393 manga

Well, that was a weird chapter. Its not bad but some parts make it take a turn for the strange. Silver being beaten is a weird combiantion of anticlimatic and weird. I mean, if mages can be defeated like that then what is the point of magic? Guns exist in the manga, we know that Its kinda like harry potter quitting on magic and simply shooting voldemort in the face. Anyways, silver actually being grey’s dad is also weird. I could imagine silver learning demon slayer magic after the deliora events, it only makes sense, however it seem weird that he joined tartarus. Maybe he infiltrated or something? Maybe his aim was to have an ideal demon hunting spot and then he learned something that made him want to remain there. Maybe he figured out an even greater goal than his revenge.

I hope that Silver passes on his Ice Demon slaying magic onto Gray, this will be helpful so as to combat the other demons and lastly E.N.D. My guess is that Silver attempted to inflitrate Tartarus so as to get closer to Zeref, who is the source of the existence of all of the etherious race of demons. As his wife was killed by a creation from the Book of Zeref, he bears a grudge towards Zeref and attempts to kill him, just like Jellal.

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fairy tail 366

I get the feeling that Natsu took the Communications Lacrima with him when he took off and probably informed the rest of FT in regards to the general location of Tartaros’s HQ. That being said, i don’t know how long he would have lasted at 100% against Tartaros let alone in his current state. So either he too will get captured and then we’re in for a save Natsu, Erza and Mira mission. Or we’re going to see someone unexpected step in like the “Ishval Gods” or possibly even Gildarts and help get Natsu and at least Erza out of there alive. I knew the ex-chairman was going to get flattened by Natsu, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. And those teeth, LOL. But I was kind of surprised at what happened right before that when the chairman called referred to Franmals as Franmals-kun, does that sort of downplay Franmals especially after his reaction to Natsu lol? Or is the chairman just a disrespectful jerk…which sort of goes without saying at this point. I’m wondering about Silver as well, for one Demon slayer magic is to kill demons. But it’s said he is a demon, so his magic must be like dragon slayer magic meaning the more demons he kills the more of a demon he will become. But he’s still human in a sense so why is he teamed up with Tartarus. My theory is that after killing so many demons he lost his humanity and became cursed, what ever his curse is he isn’t happy with so he teamed up with Tartarus in hopes that they’ll give him back his humanity after helping them get what they want.

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Fairy Tail 360 Manga and Spoiler – White Legacy

Read fairy tail Chapter 360 Spoiler English. fairy tail 360 is the next chapter to come out on fairy tail manga series. This page will soon be updated with manga scans, raw, spoilers or when fairy tail 360 is out. It’s getting pretty fast down to main business and becomes pretty intense. Very interesting. Seems to me like Mashima wants to go down to the final and main war / battle as fast as possible (Acnologia-Arc).
fairy tail 360 spoilers
So my guess is, that at least 1 Tartaros member will be wiped out and Minerva will fill his/her place. I personally think, that if the name of the next chapter turns out to be THAT what it sounds like and Sting should appear with a pretty badass power up himself, Jackal will be the first one to fall to the Fairies. And at the end of this Guild-War, they should getting down to Zeref and maybe/hopefully we finally get to know more about the Fairies’ powerful Hidden Magic – Lumen Histoire and the connection between Mavis and Zeref. I wouldn’t mind / count out the possibility of Minerva and her new won Demon powers being released and rumbling into Sting next chapter, because like we all know: The now known Master of Sabertooth has still a score to settle with little Miss Orland for playing with his head and capturing lil’ Lector. All in all I’m really excited about this arc and how they will handle the business. Since Natsu has no rules to follow, is pretty pissed and can go all out, this will be an extremely hard fight, even for one of Tartaro’s members, since we all know, that the Flames of the Fire Dragon Slayer react to and are as powerful as his emotions, he now in addition controls the power of the Lightning-Flame Dragon Mode and has also access to Second Origin, so that should become a pretty badass fight in the next chapters.Mashima knows how to troll his readers, bash’ em from their seats with an epic turn of events straight afterwards and how to really bring over emotions / pissed off moods. Fairy Tail isn’t my Number 1-Series for nothing.

Fairy Tail 355 Manga and Spoiler – Fairy’s Song

Read fairy tail Chapter 355 Spoiler English. fairy tail 355 is the next chapter to come out on fairy tail manga series. This page will soon be updated with manga scans, raw, spoilers or when fairy tail 355 is out. First Gray’s father, then Mirajane’s mother. Is Mashima trying to say that half of FT is made of Tartaro’s bastards? Anyhow, one thing getting my attention out of Tartaros is that every wizard there looks older and stronger.
fairy tail 355 manga
I mean, previously FT fought dark guilds with people their age whom where raised in dark arts but now we are seeing a guild where strong people with years of experience have gathered for dark purposes. I liked the chapter very much, particularly about Flare. I liked that Flare rejoins with her family which they give her the welcome home, and then most likely his adoptive father says that “whether She is coming or going that will always be her home”. Flare could remain to the village and join only the battle against Tartaros, but sincerely I hope that she will join Fairy Tail immediately. Perhaps in the next chapter (in that case perhaps the title “Song of the Fairies” is for celebrate the fact that she has joined the guild). This could happens just like for Lluvia, when the group of Fairy Tail will arrive to the guild She will be already there with the mark of Faitry Tail (I think it is unlikely because Lluvia had already left the group in searching for Makarov). Otherwise just like in chapter 341 she could appear from nowhere saying that she joined the guild. She could appear in the guild or in Lucy’s apartament. The third scenario that I thought is that She will appear with FT’s tatoo in their next mission, just like it happened in this arc while Wendy and Lucy were fighting the thieves. The last scenario that I thought and that it is even my favourite scenario is that Flare will arrive with the others, we could see a flashback in which Flare says that she wants to join FT. Anyways if She will join FT I really hope that there will be something between Flare, Asuka, Biska and Arsack, something like what happened between Gajeel and Levy’s group, or at least Flare will says that she is sorry and ask forgiveness. If Flare will join FT most likely she will join the main group (otherwise I woul prefer if she will stays with the giants and will only arrive to help FT against Tartaros), in this case I really hope that even Lluvia will became a permanent member of the group, infact since She already said that Flare is very similar to her, so she could be worried that Flatuhe truth I really hope that She would stays in Lucy’s apartament with her. For now I will not write about Minerva, I will post later in this thread or in another one (I have not decided yet), except for one thing. Infact I want to make a comparison between her and Flare. It’s quite funny infact that Flare at the beginning she seem really pathetic and weak, she infact was humiliated by Lucy (even if in the truth I really liked her psyco-attitude), but then in every chapters that she appeared (particularly from the chapter 298, but at least for me even before) she became better and better, at the opposite Minerva seem really great at the beginning, but then she became more pathetic in every chapter that She appeared (I would that started in chapter 313).

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Fairy Tail 354 Manga and Spoiler – Devil Slayer

Read fairy tail Chapter 354 Spoiler English. fairy tail 354 is the next chapter to come out on fairy tail manga series. This page will soon be updated with manga scans, raw, spoilers or when fairy tail 354 is out. Devil Slayer. I saw that coming from miles. In fact, I thought of this idea the moment Zancrow was introduced. And what’s with the Gildarts look, can’t Hiro think of a better design. Wonder how GH used to be the strongest Dark Guild.
fairy tail 354 manga
Maybe Tartarous strength spiked up a bit too much. It was only a matter of time before we saw demon-slaying magic, the continued appearance of the god-slayers and the appearance of a demon supported the idea. The mention of E.N.D. is likely something that is critical to the upcoming arc, curious to see what type of magic it is that could be of such great importance. And it seems as though the battle against Tartarus is on its way, and Gray apparently already has his opponent lined up. This Silver might stir up some trouble. I’m kinda leaning towards him being Ur’s husband, just because I could see a scene where he learns he’s fighting her pupil, who both she and his daughter died to save. Then he’d go berserk for a chapter or so before they knock him out and he breaks down in tears and becomes one of the good guys. But I guess you could just skip the whole berserk thing and jump straight to the tears if he found out he was fighting his son. Both Ur and Gray’s mother died to Deliora, so if he’s visiting a family member killed by that demon, then they’re equally likely right now. As for the E.N.D. mention… I’m seriously confused (and reminded more of the Edolas arc than of Endless, because acronyms.) Zeref’s past needs to be explained already, because first he was played up as the embodiment of all evil, and then he was this sad dude who isolated himself so he wouldn’t harm others and apologized to his attackers, then he decided to cause mass extinction so humanity will stop repeating it’s mistakes, and now we find out he was at odds with a/the dragon/s, who were about 50% bad guys in the past and I need more details. Trying to figure out what’s up with Zeref is driving me nuts. I don’t even care what E.N.D. is. I just want to know why it was used and opposed. (Though I probably need to know what it does to understand that one.)

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Fairy Tail 353 Manga and Spoiler –

Read fairy tail Chapter 353 Spoiler English. fairy tail 353 is the next chapter to come out on fairy tail manga series. This page will soon be updated with manga scans, raw, spoilers or when fairy tail 353 is out. Atlas Flame? Say what? It somehow fits, but at the same time I can’t say that I seriously considered it as a possibility. Should make things interesting to say the least. What could possibly have frozen Atlas is a mystery; although as some point out, an ice dragon of some sort would be the most obvious choice. However, considering the number of god-slayers that have been running around recently, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising for that to come into play, or a demon for that matter. Oh, Laxus.
fairy tail 353
So close. if only he had a better personality te-he. So the Eternal Flame was Atlas Flame. I didn’t think for certain that it was him, but I had him pegged as a possibility. And after last week’s chapter I figured that it had to have something to do with a dragon, since only Wendy sensed something. Anyway it was nice to see him again. I guess next week we will learn more about what happened to the village and maybe get more info on the dragons as well. I am quite looking forward to finding out why Atlas Flame is with the giants and how they got frozen. And I had to laugh a little at Lucy yelling at Natsu about going overboard. How long has she been in Fairy Tail? She should know by that everyone in the guild goes overboard; that’s how they do things. Silly Lucy. All right all right now that the spam posts are out of the way let’s get down to what it is. I will apologize to whatever nerd it was when I told them they were stupid for thinking we’d see a dragon this arc. I did not see that coming. Other observations: I find it interesting that Wendy was the first one to know that the flame was still alive while the others were largely unaware. This shows that even though she’s a kid her magical awareness is higher than most peoples. Could be the fact that she’s a dragon slayer or she could be special in other ways from that. This is probably a character trait and not likely something Mashima will expand upon. Pretty defining quirk of that red head is giving people nicknames based on their hair. At first I thought “blondie” was just a derisive time she shot at Lucy but after calling Natsu cherry head it seems she does this for everyone. Gray as usual is useless no big surprise there. Erza as in previous chapters isn’t doing shit I need to pay attention to. This chapter wasn’t great but it was much better than the other releases this week (Naruto and Bleach specifically) so the next chapter should be readable if not actually good.

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Fairy Tail 352 Manga and Spoiler – The Voice of Flames

Read fairy tail Chapter 352 Spoiler English. fairy tail 352 is the next chapter to come out on fairy tail manga series. This page will soon be updated with manga scans, raw, spoilers or when fairy tail 352 is out. Is Wendy shocked about the nature of the magical power itself? Or is it something known to her? I don’t think it is Igneel. Natsu would have noticed his presence first. But i can’t also see Grandine fit in there. We’ll have to wait for next week, i hope it’s worth it
fairy tail 352
Interesting. Didn’t expect to see another Lyon guild card. I want to get to the people whose magic we don’t know, like the Mermaid Heel and Quatro Cerberus mages! So many more mysteries! We didn’t find out what the hell that bird thing was… guess it was actually nothing. It was nice seeing Natsu and Flare like that – glad to see that they’re both okay with her being there, So the Eternal Flame was thought to be that mountain. damn! And it disappeared? Well, I guess if fire is frozen and then thawed out, that’d be kind of expected. But that’s obviously not the end of it, because we’ll hear its “voice” next chapter. I assume that was the same voice Natsu heard. If it’s the flame itself, then perhaps something related to Igneel? I dunno, it could be anything! Well. if you have to think of the quest they are on. and who gave it to them. One of the ten great wizard saints. Natsu and Gray where the ones that got the quest, so in a way it might be something that ties both there background story together. That depends on how you look at it. They were sent because of practical reasons as they’re an ice & fire mage and the task is to save people from ice. I doubt Walrod sent them on the quest to make them realize their past or something. If there is some connection, then that would just be the plot. Natsu’s character still needs a lot of explaining, however Gray, as far is currently known, is just normal. That he learned ice magic is also pretty much a coincidence. For the same money he could have been taught another type of magic.

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Fairy Tail 351 Manga and Spoiler – Flames of Eternal

Read fairy tail Chapter 351 Spoiler English. fairy tail 351 is the next chapter to come out on fairy tail manga series. This page will soon be updated with manga scans, raw, spoilers or when fairy tail 351 is out. I’ve mostly skimmed the last. 13 or so chapters of FT so I don’t recall there being mention of the Book of Zeref. When did this become a thing and how would Gray recognize it instantly? It seems to me that he could’ve easily confused the big guy’s transformation with Overtaker magic. How did he know it was something from the Book of Zeref?
fairy tail 351 chapter
I was happy to see Gray’s strategic headquarters at work again, in GMG he didnt get to show his intelligence which was out of character for him. This is what Gray is ought to be. This time beast man made everyone younger except Wendy, wonder whats the deal with that. Minerva is also a kid so maybe like when Gray started remembering past, Minerva will too. Wanna know more about her : Why she acts the way she does? Why does she speak a different language? Is she related to one of the Ishval Gods or Is she from another continent? At Last, I dont really get whats up with that bird and it didnt make me a least bit curious. Talk about anti-climatic. I wanna see keep seeing more of Gray in this arc and considering the village is frozen, it should happen.

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Fairy Tail 350 Manga and Spoiler – The Dazed and Bewildered Gray

Read fairy tail Chapter 350 Spoiler English. fairy tail 350 is the next chapter to come out on fairy tail manga series. This page will soon be updated with manga scans, raw, spoilers or when fairy tail 350 is out. I really hope Minerva does beat Erza. It’s very convieniant that Erza’s nakama power speech delays Minerva just enough so Erza can go back to normal amd counter punch her, but that’s not surprising. Minerva stated that she knows how to beat Nakagami armour, so if she doesn’t, then not only was Minerva beaten in a badly done way once, one that pissed off many, it’ll have happened twice, and that’s just poor.
fairy tail 350 scans
The chapter itself was far from great, Gray beating the demon in child form was silly to me, and the fact that the demon was in fact from the Book of Zeref wasn’t really a shock either. So yeah, none of the chapter was particularly good, really didn’t like the Erza vs Minerva bit, and no, I’m not talking about the fanservice (although, the fact that it was in a middle of the fight proves my point about how ridiculous it’s gotten, but there you go), the fanservice in the middle of a serious fight wasn’t the issue. Not sure why Erza ebded up “accidentally” ripping of Minerva’s skirt, sounds like something that happens in regular chapters of To Love Ru, but that’s beside the point. The nakama speech, the convieniant counter, and of course, the inevitability that Erza going to win all annoyed me, so that’s the reason it’s getting a low mark. Seriously, what is the point of bringing Minerva back? I hoped it was so that the wrongs in the GMG arc surrounding their fight, particulatly, the bullshit way Erza won, she shouldn’t have won. And certainly not in that way. And Minerva being reduced to a pathetic mess, it was annoying. In fact, it was the biggest flaw in that chapter for me. But for it to happen a second time? That will just annoy fans even more than it did the first time.

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Fairy Tail 348 Manga and Spoiler – The Demon is Coming

Read fairy tail Chapter 348 Spoiler English. fairy tail 348 is the next chapter to come out on fairy tail manga series. This page will soon be updated with manga scans, raw, spoilers or when fairy tail 348 is out. I loved seeing Lucy, Wendy and Flare team up and kick some ass. Wendy has definitely shown how much she has grown since joining Fairy Tail and it was great to have Lucy be able to summon strong spirits in repetition as well as having multiple spirits out at the same time with ease.
fairy tail 348 spoilers
Anyone who says that they aren’t strong and are useless. well, boo to you. I liked that the fight wasn’t completely one sided. At one point the treasure hunters turned the tables on the mages and it appeared as though someone would have to come save. But (and I am really happy about this) they were able to defeat the hunters on their own. They aren’t weak characters and should be able to fight for themselves and thankfully they could. Girl power makes peace sign Flare was raised by the giants in the village. I didn’t see that coming. I thought that she had joined another guild but apparently the mark on her chest is the symbol of the village. I like that she is actually relevant to the story and not just there because she is stalking Lucy, however I laughed at the stalking scenes. In the Tower of Heaven arc it seemed like Juvia was only there because she was following Gray and she wasn’t really necessary to the development of the plot. Although, in that instance it was more about the character and less about the plot. Juvia was there so that she could be alongside Fairy Tail members and get to know them and be accepted by them (for example: when she fought/fought with Lucy), which contributed to her decision to join Fairy Tail. But back to the topic at hand, Flare. Her hair magic was given to her by the Eternal Flame. It was pretty cool to get to know the origin of her magic. I really hope that she does join the guild.

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