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one piece 757 manga

I’m not bothered by the idea of Rebecca beating Diamante on her own as long as it is written well. Oda lets characters beat “stronger” opponents somewhat frequently. Sometimes it’s through sheer force of will, other times it’s from strategy or insight, and other times pure luck. If Rebecca wins through pure skill or by will power, then I won’t be happy – Diamante is too high class of a fighter for that. But if she wins by figuring out his DF weakness or “wins” by circumstance (like Luffy “winning” against Kuzan by letting his crew escape) then I could accept that. Good story telling is not about the outcome but how you get there.

It’s a new one to show Robin with the focus on her appearance but didn’t Oda realize how much Violet and Robin look alike particularly on this color page and the first page or did he do that intentionally? Meanwhile, Violet’s power got even more haxed, it’s overhaxed. I bet if she’d exit a ship on top of Reverse Mountain she could zoom in on someone’s toilet on Raftel. It was very predictable that someone would end up falling but I’m glad Robin’s participating in the fight against Gladius though I’ll hope she’ll play the main role or does a solo.

As I feared the spoiler ended up being this week’s cliffhanger. I guess without the spoiler it would’ve been a bit more interesting but since there is no chapter next week I hoped for some revelation or something to discuss aside from how powerful Rebecca or Kyros is. Regarding Sugar, I wonder if Luffy is going to react the same as in the anime filler when someone, e.g. Usopp during his fight with her, he knows is turned into a toy. Of course, it would be a blast if he himself would become a toy but that would get really complicated and Oda might not be able to cover all issues

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Bleach 593 Manga | Bleach 593 English

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When the manga first started, it was solely focused on the shinigami world and its interactions with the human world. The Japanese culture was heavily pervaded into the theme of the story. In the beginning, it featured a young human teenager who was able to see “ghosts” (or spirits) and subsequently his life adventured ‘colourfully” after the meeting of a “death god” who then miraculously imparted its power to him from that encounter.

Proceeding forward, we have humans, shinigami (death gods or soul reapers), hollows (or human souls who did not ascend to “heaven” but remained in the human spiritual realm) and soul society (presumably similar to heaven – a place where human souls go to after the death of their physical bodies). Soon after there were many other “beings” and “creatures” like the quincies, zanpakuto, arrancars, fullbringers, etc were introduced.

As the plot went on, we have quite a different theme this time – the zombies – in this arc. The zombie theme had quite a subtle entrance since there were many different and numerous types of characters of various forms which have priorly been introduced that made the “zombie theme” simply blended into the story. (Maybe that was why readers didn’t feel alienated when such creatures appeared in the story huh?

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Naruto 688 – Kaguya’s Trump Card

naruto 688 manga

naruto 688

Naruto 688 – Kaguya’s Trump Card
Naruto cut off kaguyas arm!

Sasuke: [smiles] (nice one naruto!) We need to get rid of BZ now naruto!

Naruto: yeah! Ill keep her busy, hurry!

[Sasuke in his susanno takes out an enton arrow and shoots it at kaguyas severed arm]

Sasuke: Ill seal your fate just like you did the uchihas!

BZ: N-No way! Mother! [BZ gets peirced by the enton arrow and begins burning to nothing]

[Naruto is shown on the ground with kaguya both beginning to pant from the gravity effects of the dimension]

Kaguya: you did well my child, thanks to you i was able to get this far, however with those wounds theres nothing i can do for you now

[Naruto turns to sasuke]

Naruto: finally sasuke now we just have to-

Sasuke: Naruto! Look out [close up on sasukes rinne eye as he teleports to naruto as a burning bone is shown flying straight at them] (shit!)

[Sasuke tries to push naruto out of the way but realizes hes not going to make it]

All: !!

[Naruto and sasuke look up to see tobirama and minato]

Minato: that sure was a close one.

Sakura: !! The hokages? What are you guys doing here?

Kakashi: they must not have been caught in the genjutsu, though that doesnt explain how they were able to make it here.

[Hiruzen and hashirama walk up and join the others]

Hashirama: its so hard to move here, whats with this place?

Hiruzen: theres no time to talk, wheres he at?

Sasuke: madaras dead,, the enemy is in front of us.

[Kaguya gets a worried look on her face]

Kaguya: !! (This presence, it cant be! I dont have enough chakra to deal with him too, i should retreat for now)

[Kaguya opens a portal and dissepears in it]

Sasuke: stay on your guards now! Theres no telling where she will come from!


??? : she needs to mold more chakra, shell be gone for a minute at least

Hashirama: ah so there you are.

Naruto: HUH? Who the hell are you?!?

Sasuke: (so he must be…)

Hamura: i am hamura, my brother used the last of his chakra combined with these living corpses here to revive me temporarly.

[Flashback to kaguya and BZ talking about hamura in lava dimension]

Naruto: !! Huh so youre hamura?

Hamura: we dont have time, my mother can be back at anytime, also with the limited amount of chakra and lack of a sufficent sacrafice, i cannot stay long, im here to help you defeat my mother.

[A portal opens with ash bones flying out

Sasuke: susanno* [sasuke uses his wings to block the bones but they begin disinergrating his susanoo as he deactivates it]

Hamura: i never wished to see you again… mother


Naruto Manga 688 | Naruto 688 Raw

Are you searching for the new naruto 688 manga scans Then, you have come at the right place because naruto 688 will be released here soon. If you have anything to share regarding naruto 688 predictions or naruto 688 raw spoiler, please leave every of your message at the comment section. Suddenly he’s soloing kaguya and kaguya can’t keep up with his 1337 hax0r powers. I can go on and on but I don’t even want to rant more about this garbage. Thank god Obito’s finally dead at least. Too bad next chapters is going to be more rin rin rin BS, most likely.

naruto 688 chapter

naruto 688 manga

I thought it was good. I’m surprised that so many people did not expect this chapter primarily to be about Obito. Was there not enough foreshadowing about his death the last chapter? Obito got to redeem himself by saving Naruto and finding Sasuke. Of course Kishi would let him have a say before he dies because he realized the error of his ways. While I’m surprised he did not have more to say Kakashi, I am also not surprised he did not speak to Sasuke. What would it have done except to open old wounds. There would have been nothing he could have said to him to make up for or ease Sasuke’s pain over his part in the Uchiha massacre. His actions were the cause of it and then he even participated in the massacre itself. Sasuke had no use for him and would not have listened to anything he would have said. Naruto is supposed to represent forgiveness, second chances and righting the wrongs of the past. While he did not forgive Nagato he was able to make peace with him anyway even though he knew Nagato destroyed Konoha, killed Juraiya and he had even sensed Kakashi was gone. I was not surprised Naruto thought he was cool because when Obito was younger they were alike in many ways and Obito did save his life. I don’t believe Naruto forgives all of Obitos wrongs either, but he is abiding them because of his forgiving nature. There cannot be peace without a willingness to put the past aside for the greater good. When they were fighting Naruto got to see into his soul. He saw who Obito was and who he had hoped to be when he was younger. He got to see who Obito would have been had Madara not corrupted him. Empathy was always Naruto’s strong suit. They had much in common when they were younger and I’m sure Naruto identifies with that as Obito did with him.

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Naruto 688 Manga | Naruto 688 English

Naruto 688  has not forgotten what he has done. He’s just not stuck on it like a lot of people seem to be. So what he called him cool just because you wanted to become Hokage. Sasuke was able to recognize what Danzo did was for the village even though it was to his family.

naruto 688 chapter

naruto 688 manga

Sasuke’s just not one to praise someone like Naruto does. However, Danzo still got phrase from him even if vaguely. And I’m pretty sure the whole Hokage deal isn’t the only reason. Obito had been helping them for a bit, and here comes this guy, thinking he’s in control of everything, talking all types of shit. Naruto empathizes with the guy because of their similar history. And here’s this guy calling him lower than dirt. Yes, Obito messed up which is why he agreed. However, Naruto wasn’t just going to let Zetsu talk shit. I’m not trying to justify this, like I said it did not bother me as much is it has some people. I just think it’s more of him not wanting Zetsu to talk shit rather than him actually believing that Obito was awesome simply because he wanted to become Hokage. Nice move from Naruto, though Kagura will heal before they even get a second shot off. However, Kagura’s teleportation seems to come in two types. 1) The instant teleportation, which transports everyone around her with her. The weakness is of course that she can’t get away from someone who actually has the advantage, so she can only use it to switch the environment. 2) The portal teleportation, which opens up a portal for individual teleportation/movement. It’s apparently extremely fast but still has a small channeling time, and of course can allow someone else to follow after. Kaguya’s running out of chakra. All Sasuke and Naruto needs to do now is to wait for Hagoromo to bring reinforcements and they should have the advantage. It’s a shame to see the Kamui eyes go, but at least a game breaker has left the field, like Shisui’s eyes.

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One Piece 756 Manga | One Piece 756 English

With the readers already one piece 756 overwhelmed by odd characters this arc, Kanjuro being the next addition to that group doesn’t really help in making him stand out and impress the readers. With the overwhelming amount of comedy and antics imbalancing this arc, readers and fans were/are really waiting for certain developments to happen to bring balance back to the feel of the arc. One of those developments was Sabo unleashing, which readers loved; the next was Zoro unleashing, which the readers loved/are loving; and another development readers are waiting for to bring some seriousness back into this arc is Law unleashing, which the readers will most likely love as well.

one piece 756 chapter

one piece 756 manga

This imbalance between serious and comical is also why Zoro taking down Pica’s massive stone body was such a refreshing and exhilarating development. The bare minimum is what the yonko have, main crewmembers who are able to stand up to shichibuka and even admirals. Luffy does not have that yet… because his crew is young and inexperienced. But in turn what we see in doflamingo’s crew is the culmination of its potential. And even pika falls short of a second hand man to the PK. Having seen Kanjurou I wonder whether all of the Wano samurais wear swords or use them like swords men. One the one hand, the Wano country has a lot of potential because it should be easier for Oda to portray and joke about his own origin. On the other hand, he has a lot less unused material at his disposal so it’s difficult to create something unique, see the reference to the historical relation between calligraphy and samurais. The Skypia arc is nothing compared to this arc with the slow pace and dragging things on. I wonder why Oda is making things difficult for himself by trying to handle so many characters in one arc. As we already didn’t have enough. So with the midget Shirohoshi things will drag on even more and the executives of DD seem to be a joke cause Franky left in the middle of a fight and senior pink didn’t do anything. So Franky in this arc will altogether have defeated 4 executives of DD. Nice going. I think it’s because all these characters are going to come back in the future and play some kind of a role in the end. Oda has said there’s going to be a massive war and it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of characters don’t come back to be part of it. Also, Oda has recently said he’s had a lot of inspiration for new characters and they all may be a result of that. Even without all the new characters the One Piece world already has a lot of characters that play a big role. And we also have to remember that the Supernovas like Law,Kidd etc weren’t planned form the beginning but were forced on Oda from his managers casue they thought Luffy needed more rivals. So this whole arc originally wasn’t planned like this by Oda and could be the reason why it sucks so much.

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Bleach 592 Manga | Bleach 592 English

So to sum up bleach 592 things so far, Hinamori is going to be kicking the crap outta Gigi in desperation to prevent her from using Hitsugaya’s “corpse” as a puppet, whilst Harribel is going to be going all-out against the zombified Hitsugaya to stop him from acting as Gigi’s bodyguard. Hinamori is going to prevent Gigi from splashing blood on her by cutting her with Tobiume, which could probably cauterize the wounds she inflicts upon her. Harribel is going to be fighting REALLY hard against Hitsugaya, as he’s levelled up since the Arrancar arc.

bleach 592 chapter

bleach 592 manga

That’s probably going to go on for 5ish chapters. Hitsugaya will get to a point where he has Harribel on the ropes, ready to deliver the killing blow; at this point Harribel is using the most powerful attacks she has in order to halt him so that Hinamori can finish the job. At the same time, Hinamori is going to have the upper hand against Gigi, and is going to prepare a final attack to finish her off. Hinamori screams and charges towards Gigi, delivering the blow that finishes her off. She turns around to watch Hitsugaya’s “corpse” stop moving, putting his soul at rest, but she comes to a heart-breaking realisation. Literally a split second before Hitsugaya and Harribel are about to run each other through, Gigi’s curse is ended; we then realise Mayuri was wrong about the zombification as Hitsugaya awakens from Gigi’s control, still alive! Unfortunately, you can’t stop a powerful attack in a split second!!! Hinamori cries out as Hitsugaya and Harribel run each other through; Hitsugaya tells Hinamori how proud he is of her as he takes his final breath. I really enjoyed this one, its a rare chapter where a lot of things happen at once. And kubo just went plain dark here. First the arrancar. I was kinda hoping for a sort of explanation about how they would be reconstructed (we know lupi was reduced to nothing by grimmjow) but I guess that is ultimately a bit beyond the point of the story. Are these the things mayuri was working on a while back? I guess that would make the most sense. Coolhorn seems disturbingly relevant to be honest, I would have thought the privaron espada would steal the spotlight a bit more. But then again thinking that someone might steal coolhorn’s spotlight is perhaps naive. For me the big question is whether these guys can use resurreccion. They don’t need it considering they are dealing with fodder but my guess is that hitsugaya won’t go down so easily. Even hitsugaya with his fully developed bankai might have trouble if he has to face 3 former espada on his own if they do have resurreccion. Gotta say, I laugh a bit when I saw coolhorn taunting yumichika. Never thought he would come back as a corpse to make fun of him. A bit that surprised me a bit is that mayuri would keep them with personalities. He has really softened up, he normally would seem like the type to just turn them into bloodthirsty beasts. I guess the practical point of keeping their personalities intact is to keep their skills intact too though. Still, it is surprisingly caring of mayuri. On the downside, it does seem like mayuri retains a certain bit of the old gotei 13 ruthlessness, he is not even considering saving the 11th squad soldiers. I guess it makes sense considering that even in saving them it won’t help the squads win the war, it is not a priority.

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Naruto Chapter 687 Prediction

naruto 687 isn’t out yet, but you should be able to read naruto 687 for free online soon. Watch out for the naruto chapter 687 Spoilers. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming naruto 687 Spoilers.

naruto 687 chapter

naruto 687 spoiler

Naruto Chapter 687 Prediction
The scene starts out with Obito screaming in pain from the ash bones and starts to disintegrate.

Sasuke: What’s going on with him?
Naruto: Same thing that happened to me, once the bone touches you, you disintegrate and die.
Naruto: I’ve got an idea. I’ll use the light weight boulder on you and me, the same technique old man Onoki uses.

Naruto performs the jutsu and makes himself and Sasuke lighter.
Sasuke: This is much better.
BZ: That brat Naruto has picked up a few things.
Sasuke: My left eye works again.

Sasuke’s eye is shown with 9 tomoe, different from the 6 tomoed one.
Kaguya uses byakugan to see what’s going on, and is shocked to see Sasuke with 9 tomoed rinnegan.
Sasuke: I’ve been saving chakra and focuses it in my left eye.
Panel widens with Sasuke’s left eye using Dimensional Shifting.
Scene shows them back to the real world and out of the high gravity world, and Black Zetsu is surprised that Sasuke can use it as well.

Kaguya/BZ: No way. Sasuke as well.
Naruto: Doesn’t that take a lot of chakra to use?
Sasuke: Yes, but I’ve been building it up remember? Hey, can you ask the biju if they can muster up chakra so I can shift our position to her.

Naruto: Yeah, no problem, Sasuke. Always a step ahead of everyone.
Kaguya is shown panting from the constant switching dimensions and ashbone killing.
The crescent moon on Sasuke’s left palm and the circle mark on Naruto’s right palm touch, as Naruto passes some chakra to Sasuke. Sasuke teleports both him and Naruto and swaps places with Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu is shown on top of the huge tree created by Madara’s wood release. The four Hokage and Rikudo Sennin are surprised to see Naruto and Sasuke, but was more surprised when he sees his mother.

Kaguya: Hagoromo, is that you? I hate you and Hamura.
Hagoromo: I hated you just as much, mother.
Kaguya: Where’s Hamura, so I could kill both of you?

Hagoromo: His soul is the Shiki Fujin.
Sarutobi is shown performing hand seals and summons the Shiku Fujin.
Hagoromo: Yes that’s him. Mother, remember that seal you placed on him in our last battle, where I sealed you inside me. It transformed his soul into this.

Kaguya: I won’t let you unseal him.
Kaguya travels to the ground where Hagoromo and the four Hokage are, only for Sasuke to use chidori and slice her left arm off. Sasuke then pierces her right eye byakugan, and steals her forehead Sharinnegan.

BZ: I will never forgive you, Sasuke.
Black Zetsu tries to travel using the ground, but Naruto uses acid from the Rokubi and melts BZ.
Kaguya is shown bleeding from her right eye and forehead. She screams and tries to use shikotsumyaku on Sasuke. Sasuke then places the forehead Rinnegan in his right palm. Sasuke then activates Izanagi just in time with the forehead Rinnegan, as the Shikotsumyaku seemingly kills Sasuke.

Naruto: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasuke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll kill you myself, Kaguya.

Kaguya tries to attack, Naruto, but her vision is greatly reduced because of only having one eye. Her right eye is shown opened once again, but this time with a rinnegan.

Kaguya: I also have Madara’s abilities, including his eyes.
Kaguya then proceeds to attack Naruto, but is stabbed in the heart by none other than Sasuke. Sasuke: When you use Izanagi with a red rinnegan, you can use it as many times without going blind.
Sasuke’s right palm has Kaguya’s forehead rinnegan. Now that I have this eye, the eye that casted the Mugen Tsukuyomi, I’ll cancel the jutsu. Suddenly the moon is shown bright once again, but this time, red in color. The huge tree is shown receding back to the ground,and everyone is shown alive.
Chapter ends with Hagoromo with a smile on his face. Naruto smiles at Sasuke as well.

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Read One Piece English 755 | One Piece Chapter 755

one piece 755 isn’t out yet, but you should be able to read one piece 755 for free online soon. Watch out for the one piece chapter 755 Spoilers. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming one piece 755 Spoilers. if you consider the end of one piece, Zoro will be the world’s greatest swordsman. and the actual best swordsman, mihawk, is (almost) at yonkou level. So Zoro, future best swordsman and Strawhats vice captain, should set a statement on Pica what his qualities are!

one piece 755 chapter

one piece 755 spoiler

I know is a bit of topic but damn I can’t wait to see the Wano country arc! It seems all of their swords have different powers. I don’t think that Kanjuro possesses a DF, the reason I say this is bcz I believe his katana has something to do with it. after all, it is hidden within the paintbrush; the possibilities are possible since kinemon sword can control fire. Would be awesome if Zoro learns a few things about his swords from those samurais. I mean he didn’t even use that move when he was fighting Fujitora…yet he was still able to cause Fuji to have to step back with just his sheer force to overcome that gravity move. And I love how he wasn’t even winded yet, Peeka was wheezing after that much of fighting. Zoro wasn’t even pushed to have to use his 3-sword style at that point either. Zoro more and more proves just how powerful Luffy has to be in comparison. yet one would not think so because of Luffy’s child-like personality and actions most of the time. We are getting to see the results of the only two in the SH group that actually trained to grow stronger in power and ability (unlike most of the rest of the crew which worked to increase their skills more than their power/ability).

This arc is getting to clustered full of subplots making it flow poorly because too much is going on at once…and most of the fights in this arc have been skipped..aka mostly off screen. It angers me how much build up there has been and so far…zero payoff. I dont just mean fight wise either. I honestly feel like they are being barely followed through or end up meaning little. CP0 anyone? Point is, no matter in what manner. things are set up and for what? Just more and more added to hype people up about, but never followed through thus far and often fights happening offscreen. Fights are being skipped and if we don’t get at least 3 chapter non-skipped fights of the ones coming up, I’m gonna be pissed. Some might be sick of my complaints but I’ll stop once these issues stop happening and unlike my complaints with the recent One Piece game. these complaints are major and noticeable. Kanjuro’s introduction and his whole design was pretty awesome not to forget his ability which could derive from a DF or his sword. The pacing feels slow because Oda keeps taking so much breaks. He took way too many breaks already in this Arc alone. I sincerely hope he doesn’t take anymore breaks, at least until this Arc is over. I highly doubt Zoro one-shotted Pica. Pica is Doflamingo’s strongest Chief Executive and second to Doflamingo himself.

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Read Bleach English 591 | Bleach Chapter 591

bleach 591 isn’t out yet, but you should be able to read bleach 591 for free online soon. Watch out for the bleach chapter 591 Spoilers. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming bleach 591 Spoilers. Luppi right there is a powerful asset as a former espada. Dodorni and ciruchi are also former espada in a way which makes them perhaps appropriate opponents for a sternriter. Charlote is the least of the enemies there. Still, them being here opens us the possibility of many other arrancar coming back. Barragan, zomari and ulquiorra should be out of question considering he disappeared however starrk, yami, nnoitora, grantz and the fraccion should be real possibilities here.

bleach 591 chapter

bleach 591 spoiler

Mayuri can potentially have a force as great as the gotei 13 under his control. Gremmy´s brain is still around and in one piece. If Giselle decides to zombify it, then it´s game over for the shinigami. Kenpachi is down and not ready for a second round with that kid again. and a stern ritter´s ability stays with them after death, (proven by Bambietta) so if the “Visionary” gets involved then everyone is about to get screwed over unless someone uber powerful shows up to handle it. (My bet is on Tsukishima as counter to Gremmy. since his Book of the End have two powers, one that turns him into a mary sue by retconning memories, and another that allows him to cut through anything it comes in contact with) So if he cut the fishbowl, then he could split the brain in half or change its alliance to the shinigami instead. (just speculation. but the brain is still there.)

We just wont know where Hitsugaya, Ichigo (full hollow), and Ulquiorra S.E. stood when compared to other characters. I always loved Hitsugaya as a character but his fights have always pissed me off. Even if all the stuff you say about Luppi is correct, that just makes his “victory” against Hallibel more annoying. He needed prep time to beat Luppi, but I firmly believe that Luppi would loose to Grimmjow in a real fight. Badly. That was made pretty clear when his arm was restored and Luppi was shitting himself. Hallibel was 3. The difference in power between the top 4 espada and the rest was so great that they had special restrictions. Without resureccion she was dominating Hitsugaya and suddenly got sucky after transforming. This child. who admitted that Luppi’s disregard was the only reason he survived, beat the third Espada. I wonder how Giselle will fight from now on, all those weak Shinigami can be handled by the Arrancars and Bambi’s ability has been sealed (It’s quite funny ’cause Komamura need to use some forbidden technique at the cost of his own life to defeat Bambietta, while our Mayuri here didn’t even need to get serious) Mayuri should just revive Szayel while he was at it, his Carbon Copy ability could be helpful against someone like Giselle (Especially if he still got his Fraccion)

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