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To be fair, on this point you can kind of explain why people have been coming and going form the RR like this. First Ichigo opened the way for Yhwach with the Ouken clothes the RG themselves gave him. Then Yhwach probably kept the barriers open long enough for Mayuri’s just-in-case Shiba cannon copy to get used. Now they’re using the heavenly armour which is kept by the Shihouin clan, which might be a one use only thing, and the barriers being kept open by the Ryoka’s trip up might be the only reason that works. Also, Nimaiya being able to send Ichigo out of the RR temporarily isn’t that far fetched, given that he is one of the guardians of the realm itself. We could wonder why Aizen didn’t just steal the heavenly armour and all that, but again it might require the barriers having been opened already. Plus, he might have wanted the Oken to give him free passage to and from the RR at will, since presumably he wasn’t going to invade until the Hogyoku worked on him and he didn’t know how long that might take. Also, killing 100,000 innocents in Karakura is simpler than invading SS like he’d have to have done to use any of these methods of entry. Better to fight half the G13 Captains on neutral ground than the entire G13 on their own home turf. This is part of the reason FGT wasn’t a good idea from a writing perspective imo. It was kind of cheap, all it took to get it was 3 months of meditation and boom, Ichigo’s a god. I get him not wanting to use it again since it took his powers and there’s no guarantee he can recover them twice, but the fact that he just asspulled that kind of power out the first time raises the question of why he doesn’t just do it again if need be. Although, since his powers have undergone a major restructuring since then, maybe he can’t do FGT any more? That doesn’t make sense really, but it’s a possibility I guess. But doesn’t juhabach already have the same power as the soul king? To me it kinda seems like there is no power the soul king has that juhabach can or needs to steal.I will stand by what I have said earlier about the soul king as god of the world. He has been described as a lynchpin. I think this description is more literal than what one would think. The soul king to fulfill its function does not need immense power or anything of the sort (perhaps there is a specific power that is required though). The soul king fulfills his role as god of the world the same way a lynchpin does, by being there. Maybe from there there is something else although not in a traditionally godly way (allpowerful, omniscient and whatnot).

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