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The only thing that happened was that they bounced a bunch of jutsu off each other, they both lost a forearm, and Naruto said, “I feel your pain”. Naruto has said that to him before, and Sauske just blew it off again and again. Naruto saying such things never mattered to him before. Why does it matter enough now to cause him to abandon something he “claimed” he believed in so strongly that he was willing to murder for it and make himself an eternal exile at war with all humanity? That’s why it is unsatisfying. There was no real redemption for Sauske. He has not been forced to confront his evils, his crimes, his foolishness, and all the other aspects of himself that were flawed and that he needed to abandon. “I lost. I acknowledge you.” That’s it? That’s all it takes to cause him to do a complete 180 degree turn? That’s some pretty lame stuff. I don’t mean to undercut the important admission Sauske made here. It is indeed a step down from his normal arrogance to admit this. But I’m just not seeing anything in this fight that would cause him to actually do that. His ideals haven’t been challenged. His philosophy hasn’t been disproven. His desired revolution has not been debunked. He’s just lost a fight and admitted that Naruto does understand him. That’s not a very satisfying conclusion, IMO. Sauske still has much further to go than that before he can be said to have really achieved something. To be honest what more could you expect, I find this fight conclusion to be the most logical route Naruto could of taken to stop Sasuke. Gotta think of it like this, Naruto was willing to go so far to put a stop to Sasuke’s plans that he used pretty much his last attack not to kill Sasuke but to blow off his arm, but he did it in such a way that he to lost his arm. I’m certain if Naruto want to he could of easily taken Sasuke’s arm without losing his own but there is a bit of symbolism to be had with what he did. Naruto pretty much said he was willing to throw away his own abilities as a ninja to save Sasuke and in turn he would also take away Sasuke’s ability as a ninja by taking his arm. Hand gestures are very important, you can blow off a ninjas legs back as long as they have their hands they can still fight. What Naruto did was rather simple rather than take both arms he in a way made a blood oath with Sasuke by each of them losing an arm as a sign of Naruto’s determination to stop Sasuke that he would sacrifice himself to save him.

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