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I can’t help but give Sai one massive applause for being such a badass this chapter, he satisfied beyond expectation and initiated some exciting developments. One of which was his attempts to help Baby 5 from her distorted perception of life originating from her traumatic past. The current focus the Corrida Colosseum fighters are getting definitely does serve the purpose of fleshing out their capabilities and the benefit they will bring to the Straw Hat Pirates once the alliance is formed, so I don’t mind in the slightest having the current content of the chapters focus on them and their battles against the Donquixote Pirates. Regarding the Chinjao fight against Lao G, I had expected Chinjao to make short work of Lao G, considering that Chinjao was able to fight against Luffy and force Luffy to use his Gears, but I am not surprised that Oda omitted to focus much on him based on the treatment he gave Chinjao in his fight against Luffy when he allowed Chinjao to be tainted by the hands of humor thanks to the flashback we got of him. After the flashback of Chinjao, I got the hint Oda gave and I resigned any serious and epic notions I had of Chinjao. So seeing Chinjao be taken out by Lao G when he completely ignored Lao G wasn’t much of a shock or surprise, I somewhat expected it. I am just glad that he had Chinjao completely ignore Lao G and not even try to fight him because it still keeps alive the possibility that if Chinjao were serious, Lao G would have been the one with his face in the dirt. The benefit of Chinjao being out of focus this chapter though does help to highlight Sai’s moment and make it more impactful, especially with Sai gaining the title of Don of the Happou Navy. Baby 5’s past was surprisingly touching, a few of my heart-strings were tugged and I couldn’t help but feel sad for Baby 5 in the way her mother abandoned her in the past. It makes perfect sense why such an event traumatised her to the point of her becoming obsessed and wholly concerned about being of need to other people when it was her inability to be of help that led to her mother abandoning her. It was great to see the Donquixote Pirates perception of her laid bare in how they viewed her as a convenient woman, one they could manipulate into following their orders. This allowed Baby 5 to realise her worth to the crew she served loyally for 16+ years. Sai going out of his way to save her from such a fate was a satisfyingly uplifting move. Hopefully now with someone who does care about her, rather than have her fragility abused, she can heal and recover from the trauma of her past. Also, the treatment of Baby 5 by the Donquixote Pirates makes one wonder how many other Donquixote Pirate members are having their traumatic past and fragility abused by Doflamingo and his core members.

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